Ships fight back

The US Navy has awarded a $16.9m contract to Raytheon to equip its ships with the open architecture Ship Self Defence System (SSDS) Mk2.

Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems (IDS) will supply the SSDS Mk2 for the amphibious transport dock ship San Antonio LPD-17, aircraft carrier Nimitz CVN-68, and the amphibious assault ship Tarawa LHA-6.

According to Raytheon, a recent series of exercises to test the self-defence capability of the LPD-17 ships using SSDS Mk2 produced positive results, with the SSDS successfully tracking and prosecuting incoming targets.

Employees at Raytheon’s Maritime Mission Centre in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, will collaborate with the Expeditionary Warfare Centre in San Diego, California, on the contract.