Siemens awarded $172 million in US rail deal

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority has awarded a $172 million contract to Siemens Transportation Systems.

The contract includes 94 new heavy rail vehicles for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) Blue Line, capital spare parts for the 94 new heavy rail vehicles, and an allowance for the overhaul of 24 existing vehicles.

This project marks the first heavy-rail customer on the US mainland for Siemens Transportation Systems (STS), the market leader in light rail vehicles. STS is currently manufacturing the heavy rail vehicles at its Sacramento plant for Puerto Rico’s Tren Urbano project.

Siemens Transportation Systems will be partnering with Transportation & Transit Associates, Inc. (TTA) of Hornell, New York on the project.

STS will be performing overall project management, engineering, design, procurement, sub-assembly supplies and technology transfer for the project. TTA will perform the assembly of the vehicles.

The Blue Line is currently at capacity with approximately 57,000 passenger trips per day, many of whom travel to or from Logan International Airport. The new and overhauled vehicles are part of the MBTA’s project to significantly upgrade service on the Blue Line, and the vehicles are expected to provide capacity for about 35% more riders.