Siemens Dematic sorted with $240 million contract

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has awarded Siemens Dematic a $240 million order for the production and installation of the new Postal Automated Redirection System (PARS). When fully deployed, PARS will automate the letter mail forwarding process in the United States.

Currently, the USPS forwards some 2 billion mail pieces each year. In addition, another 1.3 billion mail pieces are returned to their original senders.

According to a statement, using new and enhanced automation equipment and recognition technology, PARS will identify and intercept ‘undeliverable-as-addressed’ letters earlier in the sorting process and automatically redirect them to the correct addresses, resulting in a reduction in total handlings and the amount of time spent within the USPS.

The system will also help the USPS minimise mail-forwarding delays, reduce costs and increase productivity in its facilities.

Siemens Dematic’s PARS system incorporates RC 1000 automatic recognition technology, which has over 2,000 installations worldwide. RC 1000 will be complemented by new ‘Smart-Read/Cool’ technology to offer expanded functions such as mail forwarding, verification of the postage paid, and automatic reading of the return address and endorsements on letters.

The new system is said to represent a major breakthrough for ‘Smart-Read’ technology and integrated postal image management solutions.

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