Siemens’ PC family suits industrial environment

Siemens Automation & Drives plans to expand its share of the industrial PC market with the development of a family of products based around a common motherboard and suitable for the manufacturing and process industry environment.

The range uses either a Celeron or Pentium processor housed in a single motherboard, which uses robust components to ensure that hostile production environments do not affect the operation of any industrial system.

A number of product configurations will be available. The basic industrial PC will be marketed as a compact, high performance box PC, that can be installed wherever space is at a premium. Designed for use with control cabinets, consoles or by OEM machine builders, the box PC can be used with a variety of industry standard networks and peripherals.

By combining the box PC with a front panel, this basic industrial PC becomes a panel PC for local visualisation of processes and functional sequences. Applications for the panel PC, according to Siemens will range from production automation to building systems control. A special front panel and software can be added to provide CNC control for machine tools. A rack configuration is also available enabling systems integrators to incorporate a 19 inch rack mounted PC into their cabinets and consoles.

According to a 1999 ARC study, the world market for industrial PCs is set to grow by more than 10% in the next five years, increasing from almost £500 million to £800 million by 2003 and Siemens Automation & Drives is aiming to be a major player in the market. According to Andrew Cowey, Product Manager at Siemens Automation & Drives: “The uniform PC platform for all industrial applications allows us to effectively improve our cost position in everything from development to production and sales and pass these benefits on to the customer. With the new universal PC platform, we will grow more quickly than the market.”

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