Siemens to supply 3G to Mannesmann for 1 billion DM

Siemens has been chosen by the largest German mobile operator Mannesmann Mobilfunk as a key supplier for the new multimedia UMTS/3G technology. Under the contract, Siemens will supply and install all the components for a third–generation mobile network.

The order is expected to be worth more than EUR 500 million (approx. DM 1 billion) by the end of 2002. After extensive tests which Siemens and Mannesmann Mobilfunk will carry out in the next few months, the first UMTS network components will be supplied and installed by Siemens as early as the start of 2001.

Siemens has worked with Mannesmann Mobilfunk as a supplier since 1990 and has installed digital switching technology, base stations and intelligent network functions in the D2 network.

The joint UMTS network in Germany will mean that mobile users will benefit not only from higher data rates but also from access to multimedia services at any time from any place.