Siemens TS awarded Indian rail contract

Siemens Transportation Systems (TS) is to supply the complete electrical equipment for the new multiple-unit trains to be deployed on regional lines serving the Indian city of Mumbai. The order, worth around 101 million Euros, has been placed by the Indian railways ministry.

The order calls for the manufacture and delivery of the complete electrical equipment for 170 three-car trains. This equipment includes the pantographs, transformers, traction converters and auxiliary power converters, the traction motors, train control and passenger information systems.

According to Siemens, the components will have two-system capability enabling the trains to operate both on the 1.5 kV DC line voltage still in use and on the 25 kV/50 Hz AC system due to replace the DC system in the Greater Mumbai region in the future. The electrical components will be made in the Siemens plants in Kalwa und Nashik in the state of Maharashtra.

The components are to be delivered over a three-year period to Integral Coach Factory (ICF) in the Indian city of Madras in Tamil Nadu. ICF will build the trains, which are to be used on the Central Railway and Western Railway, the railways serving the Greater Mumbai area.

Adapted to the local climatic and environmental conditions, the electrical systems will reportedly reduce energy consumption by as much as 30 percent and cut the cost of maintenance and repairs at the same time.

With these new multiple-unit trains, the Indian railways ministry intends to improve passenger rail services. Approximately 14 million people live in Greater Mumbai and about half of them use the regional trains daily to commute between the suburbs and the city centre.