Signal conditioning for bridge sensors

Scalar Technologies’ SAT-SSC is designed to power and signal condition most strain gauge or piezoresistive devices presently on the market.

Scalar Technologies has announced its first signal conditioning module for bridge type sensors.

The 3U board, dubbed the SAT-SSC, is designed to power and signal condition most strain gauge or piezoresistive devices presently on the market, whether they be configured as single, half or full bridges.

The board provides constant voltage excitation and conditioning for 1-, 2-, and 4-arm resistive bridges and features computer control of gain, offset null, excitation voltage, digital shunt calibration and full/half/quarter bridge configuration.

Precision bridge configuration resistors are supplied with the board to complete the bridge for quarter,half, or full bridge configurations. Automatic bridge balancing copes with a range of bridge imbalance conditions, maximising dynamic range at all times.

The SAT-SSC2 features a programmable constant voltage excitation supply that can source up to 10V. Dedicated remote sense lines allow the excitation supply regulator to deliver an accurate voltage to the bridge. Gain is programmable in 1, 2, 5 sequence from 10 to 10,000 and the frequency response extends up to 600kHz allowing the use of high-speed sensors.

Designed with a noise floor of -96dB, the SAT-SSC2 is ideally suited for use in 16 bit data acquisition systems.

The SAT-SSC2 input stage has been designed for low DC drift and low noise with provision for a low pass filter for frequency and noise shaping.

Outputs are fully buffered and have high current drive capability to assist with the driving of long cable runs and the A/D input stages in data acquisition units. Over-range circuitry on each channel alerts the user toover-voltage conditions. These features make the SAT-SSC2 data acquisition system ready without the need for any intervening circuitry.

Input connections are on ‘D’ type connectors with provision for twisted and shielded cabling, for maximum noise screening and also allowing for separate shunt calibration leads.

For ease of system integration, the SAT-SSC2 can be supplied, ready assembled, in a 3U rack mount system with outputs on BNC or ‘D’ type connectors. In addition, the 3U card format makes integration into existing standard 19″ equipment simple.

For users with complete signal conditioning and data acquisition requirements, Scalar can provide a fully integrated, web enabled, bridge sensor acquisition system which can be operated from a wide range of platforms including PC, Apple Mac and Sun Workstation.