Siliconix switches are wired for sound

Siliconix incorporated has announced the release of seven new low-voltage, analogue switches, including a single-pole/double-throw switch that boasts a 1.6-mm by 1.6-mm footprint.

Siliconix incorporated, an 80.4%-owned subsidiary of Vishay Intertechnology, has announced the release of seven new low-voltage, high-performance analogue switches, including a single-pole/double-throw (SPDT) switch that boasts a 1.6-mm by 1.6-mm package footprint.

These new additions to the DG2000 series of analogue switches are designed for routing and selecting signals in battery-operated and portable audio, video, and data equipment, in which small size and low power consumption are critical. A new high-density CMOS process is said to improve device performance for lower on-resistance, better on-resistance flatness, high off-isolation, lower cross talk, and wider bandwidth.

Supplied in surface-mount packages that reduce space requirements and improve circuit board density, the new analogue switches are available in single, dual, and quad configurations to suit a wide array of applications. All the devices are characterised for operation from 1.8-V to 5.5-V power supplies.

According to Siliconix, the new DG2011 SPDT analogue switch is the industry’s smallest-packaged analogue switch, featuring a six-lead SC-89 package (industry-standard SOT-666). Occupying a 1.6mm x 1.6mm footprint, the SC-89 provides board area savings of 40% over devices in the SC-70 with a height profile that is 55% thinner. With 1.8-ohm on-resistance and a charge injection of less than 10pC over the entire analogue voltage range, the DG2011 is ideal for audio output switches in portable battery-powered systems.

The DG2016 and DG2031 are dual SPDT analogue switches in MSOP-10 packages. The DG2016 is said to be designed specifically for low-voltage, high-bandwidth applications, with on-resistance (3Ohm at 2.7 V), matching, and flatness guaranteed over the entire analogue voltage range. The device achieves wide dynamic performance with better than 80dB for both cross talk and off-isolation at 1MHz.

The DG2031 provides a sub-1Ohm on-resistance (0.75Ohm at 2.7V) and excellent matching between the two switches (less than 0.05Ohm at 2.7V) while guaranteeing flatness (less than 0.2Ohm at 2.7V) over the entire voltage range. The new analogue switch also features a low logic threshold voltage for easy interface to low-voltage DSP signals.

Also among the seven devices announced today are four quad, low-voltage analogue switches (DG2015, DG2041, DG2042, and DG2043) in the small 16-pin QFN leadless package measuring 4mm by 4mm.

The DG2015 is a dual double-pole/double-throw (DPDT) switch with on-resistance of 0.8Ohm, charge injection of less than 15pC, and cross talk and off-isolation of -70dB. With a differential configuration, the DG2015 is intended for portable audio systems.

The DG2041, DG2042, and DG2043 are low-on-resistance single-pole/single-throw (SPST) analogue switches. Combining 1.6-Ohm on-resistance, 3pC charge injection, and less than 20-ns turn-on and turn-off, these switches are intended for applications in which signal switching accuracy, low noise, and low distortion are critical.

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