Siliconix turns the power on

Siliconix yesterday announced the release of a new analogue switch and multiplexer packaged in the 3-mm by 3-mm QFN-12 package and aimed at battery-operated portable applications.

The new DG2032 dual SPDT analogue switch and DG2034 4:1 multiplexer are said to be the first products in the QFN-12 to combine low 3 Ω on-resistance, low power consumption, and superior switch performance while operating over a wide power supply and analogue signal range of 1.8-V to 5.5-V.

Unlike other small analogue switches aimed at audio only, these parts reportedly cater to the needs of audio and higher-speed analogue signal switching for port sharing/extension, data acquisition, PC Cards (PCMCIA), audio/video signal routing, speaker/headset switching, and similar applications in end products such as cell phones, digital cameras, PDAs, MP3 players, and handheld test and health care equipment.

While retaining the desired switch performance at very low power consumption, these devices boast high switching speeds and linearity over the full supply and signal voltage range.

According to Siliconix, the DG2032 dual SPDT analogue switch features a low on-resistance specification of 3 Ω at 2.7 V, with wide dynamic performance better than -80 dB for both crosstalk and off-isolation at 1 MHz. With its fast switching speeds (25-ns turn-on, 13-ns turn-off), low on-resistance, high bandwidth, and low charge injection, the DG2032 is well suited for switching a wide range of audio and video signals.

The DG2034 4:1 analogue multiplexer offers low on-resistance of 4 Ω and off-isolation and crosstalk of -55 dB at 10 MHz. The turn-on time is 25 ns. In addition to the QFN-12, the DG2034 is also available in the MSOP-10 package.

Samples and production quantities of the DG2032 and DG2034 are available now with lead times of six to eight weeks for larger orders.

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