Silverline bearings for HDW

Silvertown is to supply rubber-lined, water-lubricated Silverline bearings to German shipbuilders Howaldtswerke (HDW), in Kiel for the KD Lekir, a Royal Malaysian Navy corvette, currently undergoing a refit in the PSC-Naval Dockyard in Malaysia. Four Silverline bearings will be installed on the shafts of each of the vessel’s two MTU 20V 1163 TB92 diesel engines. Silverline rubber-lined, water-lubricated bearings consist of a metal shell lined with rubber which, when wet, has a coefficient of friction of less than 0.1. The rubber is grooved to encourage a film of water to form between the pump’s revolving shaft and the bearing surface. The water prevents the shaft from touching the bearing surface, and so provides efficient, environmentally friendly lubrication without the use of oil.