Simple PID integration

A dual loop controller from Red Lion controls is a full featured, dual input PID controller which is designed to integrate PID into any application.

As a modular building block for multi-zone process control applications, each DLC has two independent PID control loops, with both inputs able to be configured to accept a wide range of thermocouple, RTD, 0-10V, 0/4-20mA, or resistive signals. The two time-proportioning or DC analogue outputs can be programmed to control two independent processes and the two alarms per channel can be configured for various alarm modes or to provide a secondary control output for heat/cool applications.

The controller operates in the PID control mode for both heating and cooling, with on-demand auto-tune that establishes the tuning constants. These may be fine tuned through the serial interface. A novel overshoot suppression feature allows for the quickest response times without leading to excess overshoot. The controller can be transferred to operate in the manual mode providing the operator with direct control of the output, or the On/Off control mode with adjustable hysteresis. The DLC can be easily integrated into any PC-based Scada system or used with many Modbus compatible operator panels as an interface. The DLC has high density packing and DIN rail mounting which saves both time and panel space.