Simulator provides ultrasound training

Fusion IP, a university commercialisation company, has announced that MedaPhor, one of its portfolio companies, has launched the first of its new ScanTrainer ultrasound training simulators.

ScanTrainer is said to bridge the gap between conventional training and the patient, combining animation and ’real-feel’ haptic simulation techniques with curriculum-based interactive learning modules.

Priced at £25,000, the new transvaginal ScanTrainer was launched at the British Society for Gynaecological Imaging in London and will be available in the UK in May 2010.

The company is currently searching for overseas distributors for the system.

MedaPhor plans to launch a range of additional ScanTrainers for the transabdominal and general medical markets, along with a range of gynaecology and obstetrics-based software programs.

David Baynes, chief executive of Fusion IP, said: ‘We look forward to MedaPhor announcing UK sales of the system and the signing of overseas distributors for ScanTrainer before the end of 2010.’