Six axis motion controller

Baldor UK has released a new single-Eurocard motion controller for servo and stepper motors.

Baldor has released a new single-Eurocard motion controller for servo and stepper motors, providing engineers with a means of building tough systems for industrial and harsh environments.

Capable of controlling two servo and four stepper axes – or six servo axes if used with Baldor drives – the module includes onboard I/O and Fieldbus connectivity and comes with a license-free multi-tasking operating system.

Designated NextMove-ES, the motion controller is programmable using the motion language Mint using an onboard multi-tasking kernel – or optionally in C using a compatible library of Mint functions for motion, I/O, communications, networking and operator interfaces.

Built around a Texas Instruments DSP core, the module supports servo loop closure times of 200 microseconds with six-term closed loop control

Based on the compact 100 x 160 mm single Eurocard, with a pin-in-socket DIN-41612 connector, the module is easily integrated into 19-inch racking systems. Baldor also offers mechanically-compatible Eurocard drives to complement the new motion controller.

Onboard I/O completes the board’s capability, allowing users to employ the module for machine control as well as motion – potentially eliminating the need for a separate controller such as a PLC.

The I/O comprises 17 digital inputs, 12 digital outputs, two 12-bit differential analog inputs, an isolated output, and a high speed serial port (115 kbaud RS232 as standard, or optionally USB). The I/O may be expanded easily by means of the controller’s CAN-compatible Fieldbus port.

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