Six speed transmission goes on show

Yesterday at The Frankfurt Motor Show, Antonov took the wraps off its newest automatic transmission – the 6-speed Antonov Automatic Drive (AAD).

The AAD is said to make an automatic drive economically feasible for small cars, where the bulk, weight, cost and efficiency drawbacks of the traditional automatic transmission have proved prohibitive in the past.

At 250 mm long – less than 10 inches – the new-generation AAD is shorter than a 5-speed manual transmission. Nevertheless, it offers 6 forward speeds.

An independent estimate of the 6-speed AAD’s production cost is $675 per unit, a large reduction compared with the $1,000+ cost of the conventional 6-speed automatic.

Independent testing indicates that Antonov’s 6-speed AAD is environmentally friendly, achieving up to 30% fuel efficiency gains over current production auto boxes.

Antonov achieves these benefits by eliminating the power-robbing high-pressure hydraulic systems required by the conventional auto box, using naturally occurring mechanical forces in the transmission to effect shifting.