Six-speed transmission

Antonov Automotive Technologies, the UK-based transmission technology specialist, has completed the initial stage of its deal with Loncin for the manufacture and marketing of a six-speed automatic transmission.

The company has reported the achievement of all technical and performance targets set out in the agreement. These include mechanical efficiency, fuel consumption and the production of a prototype for testing.

John Moore, chief executive officer of Antonov, said: ‘Within a few weeks of the first build, we have been able to demonstrate competitive shift quality and excellent efficiency. The prototypes have shown a 10 per cent fuel economy improvement over the EU Urban cycle compared with the standard Aisin equipped six-speed vehicles.’

The transmission will be marketed at China’s fast-growing car market – where six-speed automatic transmissions are in demand – and discussions have already begun with prospective customers.

In addition to its six-speed transmissions, Antonov has reported increased interest in the use of its two-speed drive for engine auxiliaries that run off the pulley system. The application of this technology will reduce losses at higher engine speeds and minimise the difficulties of gaining output when an engine is idling.

Antonov is developing a smaller, second generation two-speed drive to meet the increase in demand. The unit will have lower production costs and be easily configured to match a variety of applications.