SKF linear bearings offer smooth performance under heavy loads

The latest LBC range of linear ball bearings from SKF, the world’s leading knowledge engineering company, provides accurate, smooth linear motion under heavy loads in the processing and automatic handling industry. This improved level of control is achieved through SKF’s advanced manufacturing methods and high performance materials, with advanced plastics technology being used to reduce weight and noise considerably.

The latest range offers corrosion-resistant raceway inserts made of injection-moulded plastic, which lowers and distributes weight evenly along the bearings, enabling higher acceleration speeds and quieter operation. The series includes open, closed and self-aligning linear ball bearings that are lubricated for life, offering low maintenance and life expectancy exceeding DIN 636 when equipped with double-lipped seals that prevent high levels of contamination. The self-aligning version also incorporates pivotal crowned raceway plates, which compensate for shaft misalignment or bending.

End users can benefit from the interchangeable design of the new linear ball bearing units, which offer 100% compatibility with similar existing products, enabling easy connection to standard equipment and reducing costly modifications.

The SKF linear ball bearing range complies with ISO standards, offering a cost-effective solution to a wide variety of engineering applications. With the industrial trend moving towards ever greater miniaturisation, the LBC series features a simple, ergonomic structure ideal for use in compact equipment, with complementary shafts, shaft blocks and supports being readily available to meet end user requirements.

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