Skyquest awarded display contract

Berkshire-based Skyquest Aviation has won a contract to design and build a powerful Smart PC display system for SELEX Sensors & Airborne Systems (S&AS) UK. The value of the deal has not been disclosed.

Skyquest is a manufacturer of specialist video equipment for airborne surveillance aircraft. Under the contract, Skyquest will develop a high-brightness LCD display panel with an integrated processor to enable local software applications to run directly behind the display. SELEX S&AS will use the new Smart PC technology in airborne radar applications.

Skyquest said it believes that the product will open new markets for users who need to run computer software in their aircraft for applications such as moving maps, mission planning and automatic number plate and target recognition.

Technical director Anthony McQuiggan said: ‘Powerful panel PC technology brings many new opportunities to users who would previously have had to certify both a computer and display, and the associated power and cabling requirements, into the aircraft. With our new Smart PC Panel, installation is simplified and users can either run the display for traditional video applications or combine local software applications as and when they need them’

Skyquest will start delivery towards the end of 2007 and anticipates full production in early 2008.