Small and thin

Toshiba has launched what it claims are the smallest, thinnest 1Kbit and 2Kbit E2PROMs that conform to the industry standard I2C bus.

The new 1Kbit and 2Kbit ICs, TC9WMB1FK and TC9WMB2FK, respectively, are fabricated with 0.6m E2PROM-embedded logic process technology.

Both are housed in a Ultra Super Mini 8-pin (US8) package that reduces the chip size to approximately 50% that of current products housed in Thin Shrink Small Outline Package and Miniature Small Outline Package.

Both devices sport a data retention time of 10 years and can be rewriten 100,000 times.

Samples are available today at 100 and 150 yen respectively. Mass production starts later this month at a monthly volume of 200,000 units, and is expected to reach 2,000,000 units a month in fiscal year 2003.

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