Roemheld has introduced a new Mini Hinge Clamp that enables fixture designers to incorporate hydraulic clamping into areas tight on space.

This low cost, compact, hydraulic clamping element is ideal for thin walled components that need to be clamped in areas of reduced space.  The special kinematics of the clamp’s design enables clamping without side loads.  As well as enabling a variety of mounting positions, this also offers protection against deformation as well as unimpeded loading and unloading of components.

The new Roemheld Mini Hinge Clamp offers a high clamping force at low pressure.  It has a body diameter (cartridge type) of just 32mm and height of 52mm, with a clamping capacity of 2.2kN at 70 bar pressure. It is easy to design into a wide range of applications as all that is required to locate the clamp is a 32mm h7 hole together with oil inlets.

The Roemheld Mini Hinge Clamp also incorporates a new metal wiper edge that deflects any high pressure coolant or swarf particles away from the sealing area, extending the longevity of the seals for minimum maintenance.

To find out more about the Roemheld range of innovative workholding solutions, including the latest Mini Hinge clamp, visit or telephone 0121 453 1414.

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