Smallest helicopter on earth

Every now and then, it is fun to be a design engineer. At the Institute for Microtechnology in Mainz, Germany, engineers thought the best way to demonstrate the performance of their tiny motors was to build what they believe to be the smallest helicopter on earth.

Two high performance motors drive the helicopter’s rotary blades. At 30,000 turns a minute you hear the buzz of a mosquito; at 40,000, it takes off. The tiny motors can achieve 100,000 spins a minute without any trouble whatsoever.

Measuring 1.9mm across-roughly the thickness of a match-the motors can be integrated with planetary gears to further increase the number of revolutions.

The researchers are convinced that besides their application in office entertainment, the motors can potentially be used in microsurgery, cell biology, analytical dosing and optical systems and the miniaturisation of laser scanners. Anywhere where small size, precision and speed are of the essence.

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