SMART deal for Alcatel

Alcatel announced today that it has signed contracts worth 21 million Euros to extend the GSM/GPRS network for SMARTS, a regional mobile operator in Russia.

Alcatel announced today that it has signed contracts worth 21 million Euros with SMARTS, a leading regional mobile operator in Russia. The contracts call for the delivery of Alcatel mobile products to extend SMARTS’ GSM/GPRS network.

SMARTS will be able to optimise its existing mobile infrastructure, improve quality of communication in six cities of the country and accelerate the deployment of new mobile multimedia services, particularly GPRS-based services. The equipment will be delivered in phases with completion scheduled by the end of 2004.

In the initial phase of this project, to be completed in July 2004, Alcatel will cover the cities of Samara and Toliatti. In the second phase, Alcatel will supply and install GSM/GPRS network extensions in Samara and Toliatti, as well as in Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny and Saratov.

Alcatel will deliver and commission its Evolium end-to-end mobile solutions including Base Station Subsystems (BSS) and Core network (Mobile Switching Centres and GPRS subsystems) solutions. Alcatel will also install three new Alcatel 1000 switching systems to provide a large suite of new telephone services to fixed subscribers in this area.

Gennady Kirushin, general director of ZAO SMARTS, commented, “We have partnered with Alcatel for a long time developing GSM infrastructure in Povolzhie region. Implementation of this project will allow us to further extend our network and offer a competitive quality of communication to our customers.”

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