Smart sensor

Omron has introduced a series of inductive displacement sensors designed specifically to measure the thickness of metal.

The ZX-E series has an accuracy of better than 1 micrometer, and offers the same kind of high-speed response as that of photoelectric sensors, according to the company.

It is based on Omron’s Plug and Play concept, in which a wide variety of interchangeable sensor heads can be connected to the same amplifier.

Five different sensor heads can be connected to the amplifier, with sensing distances ranging from 0.5mm up to 7mm. One of the sensor heads – the ZX-EDR5T – has a diameter of just 3mm.

Not only can it can measure the thickness of an object and display the results on the sensor head, but the linearity of the sensor can be adjusted for different types of metals – ferrous and non-ferrous.

The sensor can also be connected to a Notebook or PC where all the settings can be saved and reloaded based on the user’s requirements.

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