Smart switch stops flat batteries

Flat car batteries could soon be a thing of the past thanks to a UK designed automotive innovation.

Suffolk-based Smartswitch Ltd has devised a relay system which ensures that the battery voltage is always at a high enough level for the car to start.

With up to one fifth of breakdown service calls due to flat batteries, and around 143 million cars on Europe’s roads, the technology is big business. Apparently, several car manufacturers have already expressed an interest.

2 years ago, after receiving a number of appeals for jump starts from stranded friends with flat batteries, company director, Jonathan Laker, set about devising an inexpensive, easy to install solution that doesn’t require any modification of the car’s electrical system.

The relay has a small patented PCB that detects when the voltage drops to a pre-set level and automatically shuts down the relay preventing further discharge. When the driver tries to restart his car, the relay activates once again.