Smiths Aerospace flying high with A380 Superjumbo

Airbus has selected Smiths Aerospace to supply the landing gear deployment system for the A380 aircraft in a contract expected to be worth over $300 million.

Smiths Aerospace’s first system delivery is scheduled for the third quarter of 2003 and the A380 Superjumbo will enter into service in 2006.

According to a statement, this is the fourth contract awarded to Smiths Aerospace on the new 555 seat aircraft. Previous awards include subcontracts for operation of wing flaps & slats, landing gear actuation, and fabricated assemblies for the wing structure.

Starting in 2006, these contracts are expected to generate revenues approaching $1 billion for Smiths over the lifetime of the aircraft.

This programme requires Smiths to design, develop certify and manufacture a fully integrated system which will control the deployment and retraction of the aircraft nose, main and wing landing gears, including sequencing and operation of the associated door components.

Smiths will also provide comprehensive product support from entry into service. The programme brings together Smiths skills in systems integration and programme management, hydraulic and electrical actuation, electronics and software control.

The work will primarily be carried out in Cheltenham, UK in conjunction with Smiths Aerospace facilities in Whippany, New Jersey and Yakima, Washington.