Smiths awarded $1 billion 7E7 contract

The UK’s Smiths Aerospace has been awarded a contract worth up to $1 billion by Boeing to provide the Common Core System (CCS) for the Boeing 7E7 Dreamliner.

The system will be designed and manufactured at Smiths facilities in Cheltenham, England and Michigan, USA.

According to Smiths, the Common Core System is a modular computing hardware platform and partitioned operating system that will host the software applications of the aeroplanes avionics and utilities functions. The system replaces the traditional standalone computers that are fitted to common aircraft.

The heart of the system is two dual redundant Common Computing Resources cabinets that house fault-tolerant computing modules; each with an ARINC 653 partitioned software-operating environment.

An ARINC 664 – Deterministic Ethernet – advanced communications network connects the Common Computing Resources to a number of Remote Data Concentrators and the avionics and utilities systems.

‘Selection for this pivotal system confirms Smiths as a premier integrator and developer of airborne computing systems, and positions our team to deliver state of the art avionics well into the future,’ commented Dr John Ferrie, Group Managing Director for Smiths Aerospace.