SMMT laud green cars

Economists from SMMT, the trade association for the UK motor industry, say that carmakers saved nearly five million tonnes of CO2 in the last ten years due to the development of greener cars.

Average new car CO2 has fallen by 22.6g/km to 167.2g/km since 1997, down by nearly 12 per cent. That equates to current annual CO2 emissions savings approaching a million tonnes.

‘Car makers have made significant progress in cutting CO2,’ commented SMMT chief executive Christopher Macgowan.

‘Total CO2 emissions in the UK from cars have actually fallen since 1997, down 3.2 per cent from 72.2 million to 69.9 million tonnes in 2005. That’s despite a 16.5 per cent rise in cars on the road from 26.3 to 30.7 million,’ added Macgowan.