Snap it and see

Raytek has introduced what it claims is the world’s first precision infrared thermometer with integral digital photography.

The Raytek PhotoTemp MX6 photographic infrared (IR) thermometer combines temperature measurement and digital photography. It can instantly capture a real-time image of an object being measured while simultaneously and automatically recording the location, temperature, date and the time the measurements were taken onto each image.

The image and measurement information can then be easily downloaded into a computer for review and analysis.

All a user has to do is aim the PhotoTemp at an object and pull the trigger. When the trigger is released, a digital photograph is taken and stored along with the temperature data in the PhotoTemp MX’s memory. Up to 100 locations along an inspection route can be stored.

Users can be 35 feet away from a target and take a photo and measurement of a one-inch spot. The PhotoTemp MX6 can measure temperatures as high as 1600 degrees F (900 degrees C) and as low as -25 degrees F (-30 degrees C) for a subzero model. The PhotoTemp is also available in a close focus model that can measure targets as small as .25 inch from 35 feet away.

The unit includes a built-in flash unit that illuminates an object in a dark or low light location. The flash is automatically activated when a photo is attempted in a low light situation. With the flash activated, all the user has to do is pull the trigger again and the photo will be taken.

Since the unit also contains the company’s DataTemp MX software, users can download all the data and photos stored in the PhotoTemp onto a computer. Once it’s in the computer, the inspection data can be viewed in a thumbnail photo or in tabular format that displays data and thumbnail photographs side-by-side.

PhotoTemp MX6 requires an available USB port and the Windows operating system version Windows 98, 2000, or XP to run the included DataTemp MX software. Windows NT does not support USB.

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