So, you want to be a doctor?

Amid recent concern over the graduate uptake of doctoral research studentships, the EPSCR’s (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) Engineering Doctorate has proved so successful that it has been enlarged to involve ten university-based centres.

The four year training programme, three years of which is spent working within a collaborating company, leads to the award of Doctor of Engineering (EngD).

The scheme started in 1992 and the first graduates have now entered the employment market. According to the EPSRC, the fortunes of the first wave of graduates suggest that the course leads to better job offers and starting salaries than traditional PhD or MSc programmes.

Each of the centres concentrates on a particular sector and between them they offer a range of subjects including aerospace, construction, environmental technology, manufacturing, metallurgy, bioengineering, communications and information technology General information on the Engineering Doctorate scheme is available on the web site at, or contact Dr Andy Rawlings on 01793 444112.