Sober drivers

The Cooper Group is to fit Alcolocks in its fleet vehicles to demonstrate the company’s commitment to ensuring customer safety. The Alcolock, manufactured by Alcolock GB, is a hand-held breathalyser with a wireless device attached, which automatically prevents the engine from starting if it detects a pre-determined level of alcohol in the driver’s system.

The product can be retro-fitted to any vehicle and is currently exported to Sweden, Canada, North American and Australia. The Swedish government is drafting legislation to have Alcolocks fitted to all new buses and trucks by 2010 and cars by 2012. The company believes that future UK legislation may see Alcolocks fitted to all commercial vehicles.

Cooper’s managing director Ian Cooper said: ‘There are many attractive benefits of the Alcolock system, but the main one has to be that if you are ever unfortunate enough to witness the devastation caused by a senseless death due to a drink driver, any effort to try and prevent such misery should be attempted whatever the monetary cost.’