Social impact award recognises Pure Global wheelchair design

The UK Business Angels Association award for Social Impact Investment of the Year has been jointly awarded to the FSE Group and Central England Business Angels for their investment in Pure Global.

In recognition of the role played by investors in supporting high-growth businesses with social objectives, the judges chose Pure Global for its design solution to improve the propulsion of wheelchairs.

Pure Global has produced the world’s first lever-drive propulsion accessory for manual wheelchairs called ‘NuDrive’.

This propulsion accessory is said to reduce the required effort to propel; it also protects the user’s hands and improves posture, which helps in reducing shoulder injuries.

With NuDrive, the user no longer propels by gripping the wheel rims by hand; instead, he or she can propel forwards and backwards, manoeuvre and brake, simply by pushing the levers.

NuDrive was formally launched in late 2008 and is now being sold in the UK, western Europe and the US.