Soft starts go universal

If you want to simplify your stock holding with a soft start that covers both single and three phase motors, Takbro’s Intercable STL3-4015 may be the one for you. Available for full load currents of up to 15A and with a list price well under £100, the STL3-4015 is suitable for use on 50 or 60Hz supplies in the range 230 to 480V.

The unit offers convenient potentiometer adjustments from the front, allowing starting torque to be present from 0 to 80% of nominal torque, and allowing the acceleration ramp time to be adjusted from 0.5 to 5sec.

An LED indicator flashes during starting and lights steadily while the motor is running to give immediate visual feedback of the unit’s operating status.

Takbro. Tel: 01444 245601