Software checks designs fast

Desktop Engineering will have some of its newest software on show at ICAT `97, including the latest release of Cosmos/M Designer II, analysis software for the design engineer.

CADCAM systems with Acis-based solid modelling kernels can now directly incorporate this version. Versions exist for Bentley’s Modeller, AutoCAD’s Mechanical Desktop and Intergraph’s Solid Edge. Designer II has an extremely powerful automeshing capability and a Fast Finite Element solver, which lets users take solid models and perform `what-if’ analyses within a matter of minutes.

Some award-winning software for the simulation of motion and mechanisms can also be seen on stand E129, called Working Model. This software provides high-end motion analysis capabilities at the price of PC software. Version 4 is available as a 32-bit implementation for Windows NT, which can speed up the analysis by up to eight times.

Figure 1: Circuit breaker analysis using on-board instrumentation or high speed photography is almost impossible due to the size of the components and the arcing that occurs during triggering. Working Model allows the motion of a circuit breaker to be simulated while all required data is collected

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