Software checks designs for mistakes

Professional Engineering has launched Prescient QA – a software solution that checks for mistakes and inconsistencies at an early stage in the design process, so eliminating costly delays downstream.

Errors can arise from incompatibility in data exchange, inconsistencies in the CAD software or simpl human error. The DesignQA suite will catch critical errors – those that will cause the future manufacturing process to grind expensively to a halt – as soon as they are made.

DesignQA detects, assesses, corrects and prevents product development problems. It inlcudes over 130 different sets of rules and standards, which can be tailored to match the CAD and manufacturing systems in place at an individual organisation.

DesignQA is backed by two other modules. GeometryQA picks up on purely geometry-specific issues, while DriveQA is a management tool that allows those in charge of design departments to manage and track the true costs of problems arising from design quality issues.

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