For companies that are trying to get as much business, as well as engineering information, onto computer as possible, document imaging software is crucial. Imagenation is a well-established image processing package for manufacturers in the US, and is now available in the UK from Bix Computer Applications.

The software can be used to view simple documents or perform sophisticated editing and handles overlays, greyscale images and hybrid files, including multi-page and multi-format documents. Functions you would expect from this type of package, such as plot, scan and text search functions, as well as redlining, markup and editing tools are all there and can be customised by the user if required.

This package was designed to integrate with other applications and it has over 500 dynamic data exchange (DDE) and C-callable API commands. The current release, R4.2, supports a number of new data formats. These include IGES, Calcomp906, Compressed ME10, EDMICS raster and GTX RasterCAD hybrid files. JPEG performance has been improved by 200%.

A useful tool is a measurement function for querying dimension, area and angle. Users can specify units, create custom units and calibrate the tool against the actual document.

Engineering drawings can be printed, merged or faxed using row and column tile parameters so that the drawing can be reassembled in the correct order. Recent API commands have been added to control individual CAD or markup objects and the creation of preview images for document management query screens.

The user can also bind up a number of files into a multi-page document and manage the pages within multi-page documents.

Figure 1: Image processing software has to be flexible to integrate paper-based and electronic information

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