Software solution for motor sport supplier

Motor sport brake and clutch manufacturer Alcon Components has placed an order for a 25-user Made2Manage enterprise business system valued in the region of £125,000.

The system will be implemented over a virtual private network and will deliver advanced planning and scheduling capabilities to drive Alcon’s business operations in the UK, France, Germany and the USA.

‘Made2Manage will enable us to add significantly to the bottom line and we anticipate annual cost savings of at least £40,000, with even greater productivity gains predicted,’ said Alistair Fergusson, Alcon Components managing director. ‘M2M appealed to us because of its flexibility, ease of use and broad functionality. We will now have instant access to valuable business information that will allow us to achieve margin improvements across our product lines.’

In addition to the core M2M enterprise business solution software, Alcon will be using the Advanced Production Scheduling (APS) module to enable fully automated medium to long-term planning and scheduling procedures throughout the company.

In the recent Catalunya Rally, round 5 of the World Rally Championship and one of the toughest events for brakes in the calendar, every one of the first 10 cars ran Alcon discs or callipers.