Software to analyse rugby games

Frazer-Nash is to support the Rugby Football Union (RFU) as part of its work with sports performance specialists PGIR Limited.

PGIR is contracted to provide the RFU with performance analysis services up to 2012.

The new agreement will see Frazer-Nash developing bespoke software tools with PGIR to enable in-match rugby performance data to be analysed in new ways.

Simon Rees, business manager at Frazer-Nash, said: ‘We look forward to working closely with both PGIR and the RFU to ensure that the England rugby team has the data and analysis tools it needs to stay several steps ahead of the competition.’

The announcement follows Frazer-Nash’s work as an Innovation Partner to UK Sport, as part of which the consultancy has devised engineering solutions for the benefit of the UK’s elite athletes and coaches.

Since February 2008, Frazer-Nash has been involved in the development of the Ergometer cycling machine and Powerwheel instrument for wheelchair athletes.