Solar power for rural Thailand

BP Solar recently announced that it has been awarded a $20 million contract to supply solar power products and services to Thailand-based Solartron.

The products and services will be used by Solartron in the construction of solar power systems for the government-funded Mega Rural Electrification Project, which will provide light to 120,000 homes.

The project, funded by the Provincial Electricity Authority of Thailand, is said to be one of the world’s largest rural, solar electrification efforts.

“This contract is the first and the largest of its kind supplied by BP Solar’s manufacturing plant in Sydney,” said BP Solar’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Steve Westwell. “It demonstrates the emerging acceptance of solar power as an electricity supply source.”

Mr Westwell added: “This contract will benefit over 500,000 people in Thailand who will use solar power as their prime energy, a source which we in the western world take for granted.”