Solarcentury wins technology prize

London-headquartered Solarcentury has been named winner of the ‘Cleantech Advancement of the Year’ category at the 2008 UK Technology Innovation and Growth Awards.

The awards recognise individuals and organisations currently driving the success of the fastest growing technology companies in the UK. Solarcentury won its award – given to companies which have succeeded in market growth using innovations in technology and good business practices – for strong developments in its contribution to clean technology.

Jeremy Leggett, Solarcentury executive chairman said: ‘This award pays great testimony to current growth of the market for solar products, as more organisations seek to generate their energy onsite in order to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions. Solarcentury could not meet the demands of this rapidly growing market without significant support in the form of investment, by those who recognise the value in tackling climate change in this way.’

Chief executive Derry Newman said: ‘With further investment in the production of building-integrated solar photovoltaic technology, Solarcentury is continuing to increase its manufacturing capabilities, especially here in the UK – reflected in our recent manufacturing agreement with the Sony UK Technology Centre. We’re excited by the speed of change in this industry, and aim to continue to lead the way in solar product innovation.’