Solena set to work with Oxford Catalysts on UK BTL project

Microchannel Fischer-Tropsch (FT) technology developed by the Oxford Catalysts Group has been selected for use in a biomass-to-liquids (BTL) project under development in the UK by Solena Fuels Corporation.

BTL is a process used to convert waste biomass into high-quality liquid fuels that are totally compatible with petroleum-based fuels. The fuels produced via BTL can be used in existing engines and infrastructure.

According to Oxford Catalysts, the GreenSky London project will convert waste biomass into jet fuel and is intended to become Europe’s first commercial-scale sustainable jet fuel facility.

The leading partner in the project is British Airways, which intends to use the fuel to power part of its fleet by 2015.

In addition, Solena has entered into an understanding with the Oxford Catalysts Group to supply microchannel FT units for Solena’s future BTL projects with airlines and shipping companies.

These projects include GreenSky California, GreenSky Rome and GreenSky Stockholm.

Dr Robert Do, chief executive officer of Solena Fuels, said: ‘With the advice of Fluor, we carried out a rigorous evaluation of available suppliers for the Fischer-Tropsch process, an essential part of our integrated BTL solution.

‘Oxford Catalysts’ technology offers modular sizing and the advantages of high-efficiency, fixed-bed reactors. We’re very pleased to be working with them on the GreenSky London project, and on realising our strategy of rolling out multiple sustainable fuel plants throughout the world.’