Solenoid valves

Festo has launched a range of pneumatic solenoid valves meeting the new ISO 15407 standard.

Festo has launched a range of pneumatic solenoid valves meeting the new ISO 15407 standard favoured for heavy-duty industrial applications such as automotive manufacturing.

This new ISO standard is the international version of the widely-used German VDMA 24 563 specification.

The new design – the VSVA Series – sports a single, low-profile connector located in the centre of the valve body. This provides the control signal interface for all valves whether they are single or double solenoid types. The approach reduces the profile of the electrical connection – and typically the number of connections that have to be made – minimising the possibility of accidental damage in industrial environments.

The VSVA series of valves meets the standard for individually-connected valves (ISO 15407-1), in both the 02 and 01 sizes (1/8 and 1/4 inch BSP ports respectively). Both sizes of valves are the same length – 11cm – simplifying system building.

A full range of valve functions is provided in the VSVA Series, including single- and double-solenoid valves in 5/2, 5/3 and double 3/2 configurations. Flow rates are 500 and 1000 litres/minute respectively for the 02 and 01 sizes.

Each valve includes LED indication of status, and manual override buttons on the front. The functionality of the valve is also printed in diagram form on the face, as is a connection diagram for the central connector.

Additionally, the electrical connector – which is M8 for smaller 02 sizes, and optionally M8 or M12 for 01 sizes – is angled so that front panel data is visible at all times. This information may be augmented by user-provided labelling of signal numbers or functions, using a plastic label that will clip into either the top or bottom of the valve.

To support system integrators, the new valves may be configured as required with manifold bases, and ordered as complete assemblies from Festo using a single part number.