Solid Edge targets process industry

Version 16 of UGS’ Solid Edge 3D computer-aided design (CAD) system has been expanded to add capabilities to ease the design of complex process equipment.

Process equipment combines a maze of pipes, frames and pumps with mixing and monitoring devices tthat form some of the largest, most complex custom or semi-custom equipment in the industry today for use within industries such as oil and gas, chemical processing and pharmaceuticals.

With that in mind, the new software contains a couple of new modules to help out. The ‘Piping Systems Design’ module uses solid edge XpresRoute technology to create predefined paths for pipes to follow through an assembly. Once established, paths are populated with the proper pipes and fittings to create a virtual mockup of the piping system complete with bills of material and cut lists. Standard piping libraries may be user-defined or licensed separately as an additional option.

The second new module, ‘Frame Design’ allows designers to develop rigid frame structures for process equipment and other machinery by creating a 3D sketch of a frame skeleton, complete with its relationships. Standard structural cross sections are then used to automatically create the 3D model of the frame and its cut lists for bill-of-material and down stream processing. Additional weld features may be added as required.

In addition to these process equipment-specific enhancements, Solid Edge also has added new features for adjustable parts, fastener systems and dynamic families of assemblies, all of which deliver more flexibility during the design process. What is more, there are new tools for hybrid 2D/3D design, including a new and unique “Zero D” capability that allows the definition of product structure before any geometry is committed to paper.

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