SolidDesigner 6.0 hits the streets

CoCreate has announced the launch of SolidDesigner 6.0 – a major new release of its 3D mechanical computer aided design product.

CoCreate has provided intelligent handling of legacy information. The company has also substantially improved SolidDesigner’s surface modelling capabilities to support dynamic exploration of design alternatives, particularly in the area of highly styled plastics designs. The ability to define curves in 3D space supports the creation of complex free form shapes and surfaces, allowing designers to evolve complex shapes quickly.

Further enhancements include information sharing and professional annotation, while CoCreate’s new Model Advisor technology provides real time proactive advice that enables users to avoid common errors in the design and manufacture of parts and assemblies.

Also included is CoCreate’s Design Advisor technology, which provides optimisation solving and thermal analysis capabilities.

CoCreate Tel: 01344 360000