Solids made more palatable

In the Series 5 version of SDRC’s I-DEAS software, users can find an unusual technology which SDRC calls VGX. This technology is intended to make it substantially easier and more `natural’ to design and change 3D models. The idea is that VGX allows real-time direct manipulation of the model, including geometry, history, features and constraints. Engineers can work on the electronic product almost as if they were shaping a real part that they held in their hands. The product knowledge is persevered as the product evolves.

The technology improves on parametric feature-based solids modelling by removing the requirement of understanding and employing object history to make model changes.

In the CAD part of the Master Series product, there are advanced surfacing capabilities, associative tool design and functionality to make collaborative design easier, particularly in the context of large assemblies. In the CAE area, version 5 adds new FE modelling capabilities, sound quality engineering and durability analysis.