Solidworks partners with Technicon to implement 3D partstream

SolidWorks Corporation has formed a strategic alliance with TechniCon, a provider of e-commerce solutions for industrial products.

Through the alliance, SolidWorks’ 3D PartStream.NET Service will be integrated with TechniCon’s Custom Commerce technology, enabling TechniCon to create fully customised, 3D-enabled online catalogues for manufacturing companies.

The combination of 3D and Custom Commerce allows customers of manufacturing companies to identify, configure, and download parts online.

The new alliance represents the first in a series of future relationships that SolidWorks will establish with its ‘3D Publishing Partners,’ companies that provide web-based services for online product catalogues, e-commerce systems, and web-based trading exchanges.

3D PartStream.NET is a service that allows manufacturers to integrate live, 3D models into web-based product catalogues and e-commercesystems. Using 3D PartStream.NET, suppliers can demonstrate what their products look like in ‘real-life’ by enabling potential buyers to view 3D product models and drawings from all angles, configure product models based on specific customer requirements, and download these models and drawings into their own product designs in a wide variety of file formats.

TechniCon has developed an online catalogue for SMC Pneumatics, a developer of pneumatic and electrical automation products, includingcylinders, actuators, valves, fittings, flow controls, tubing, vacuum equipment, and hundreds of specialty products.

SMC’s new online catalogue simplifies the configuration and sale of these products, allowing its’ customers to sort through 8,000 different products that can have up to one million variations.