Solutions on demand

Ansoft Corporation has begun commercial shipments of Ansoft Designer, a software package geared to the designer of high-frequency microwave and RF circuits and systems.

Ansoft Designer brings together Ansoft’s complete family of linear and nonlinear circuit simulators with its 3D planar electromagnetic solver in an automated design environment. This integration makes it possible to solve, verify and optimise complex circuits from within a single user interface.

Ansoft Designer combines time-domain, frequency-domain and system-level analysis tools to allow a designer to investigate the relationship between physical aspects and electrical performance before actually fabricating circuit, subsystem or system components.

With the software’s release, Ansoft has also introduced ‘Solver on Demand’, a technology that gives every user, from novice to veteran, access to the most appropriate solver for a given design problem. With Ansoft Designer, all tools are always available for use, regardless of the task being performed at a specific time. The result is reduced design time/complexity and greater assurance that a circuit will operate as expected without further iterations.

Ansoft Designer can operate as a stand-alone tool or be incorporated into existing design flows, based on third-party EDA tools from vendors such as Cadence, Synopsys, Mentor Graphics, and Zuken.

The software is available today for Windows 2000 (SP2 or higher) and XP.

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