Sølvtrans orders Rolls-Royce live fish transportation ship

Rolls-Royce has won its first order for a new ship developed specifically for transporting live fish.

In order to transport live fish efficiently and in a healthy condition, customers require spacious, temperature-controlled tanks in the hold of the ship. According to Rolls-Royce, this new tailored design makes that possible.

The Rolls-Royce NVC 386 design is said to incorporate the group’s latest developments in hull design to ensure fuel efficiency, cost-effective operations and stability.

The vessel features an advanced diesel-electric propulsion system, including two Bergen C 6 diesel engines and a hybrid shaft generator, which reduces energy consumption on board.

The vessel, being built for Norwegian ship owner Sølvtrans, will be constructed at the Zamakona shipyard in Spain, with expected delivery in mid-2013.