Sostar awarded 85 million Euro contract

Sostar GmbH has been awarded the contract to develop the demonstrator of the new European all-weather ground surveillance system Sostar (Stand-Off Surveillance and Target Acquisition Radar) in a deal worth Euro 85 million.

The contract for the development, manufacturing and testing of the demonstrator Sostar-X was awarded to Sostar GmbH by the German Federal Office of Defence Technology and Procurement (BWB), acting on behalf of the governments of France, Italy, Holland, Spain, and Germany.

Sostar is said to meet the operational requirements for the Nato Alliance Ground Surveillance Programme and will be offered to Nato and other European countries so that they may be able to undertake surveillance of large areas for crisis and conflict management.

The program objective is to develop complete systems based on an advanced radar with Active Electronically Scanned Array which can be installed on manned and unmanned airborne platforms and which allows detection and tracking of slow moving targets and high resolution imaging of fixed targets as well as target classification.

In the first step of the five year programme, the SOSTAR-X demonstrator will send precise real-time ground reconnaissance and target data from the aircraft to stationary and mobile ground stations via radio communications (data link).