Sound analyser now comes as a portable

Bruel & Kjaer has launched a portable version of its Pulse multi-purpose sound analyser for measurement, analysis and verification of sound intensity, noise source identification and sound quality in the field.

Weighing a mere 6kg, the battery-powered and weather-resistant unit comes equipped with three powerful analysers as part of the standard software. FFT, 1/n-octave and overall level analysers can all be run real-time, in parallel or multiple channels, thereby reducing measurement time while improving the quality of collected data.

All set up is automatic, allowing users to simply plug-and-play. Also, the portable Pulse front-end is separate from the PC so it can be placed close to a test object in a hostile environment while the user controls the measurement remotely via a PC LAN connection. And as the connected PC does all the analysing, there is no need for a dedicated analyser.

Basic specifications include four input channels and two generator output channels, DC to 25.6kHz frequency range on input channels, gap free recording of time data to PC disk (TTD) optional and AC, DC or CCLD input conditioning.