Sound and vibration

National Instruments has released two new versions of LabVIEW toolkits that provide engineers with software tools to perform measurements for sound and vibration applications.

The Sound and Vibration Toolkit 3.0 and the Order Analysis Toolkit 2.0 simplify the development of many sound and vibration applications -including audio test, noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) test, and machine condition monitoring – with more than 65 ready-to-run application examples and more than 80 measurement functions.

Design and test engineers can use these tools as a foundation when developing their applications and then finalise custom requirements using the programmability and analysis algorithms of the LabVIEW graphical development environment.

Complementing its collection of tools for sound level measurement, frequency, transient and fractional-octave analysis, the Sound and Vibration Toolkit 3.0 features new audio measurements based on industry standards, such as AES, SMPTE, DIN, ITU and CCIF. Examples of these new audio measurements include IMD, SFDR and Crosstalk. Engineers can use the audio measurements in most multimedia, swept-sine for dynamic signal acquisition (DSA) and data acquisition applications.

The new version of the toolkit also includes 10 audio test application examples, limit testing capabilities and an enhanced swept-sine function that is faster and easier to use.

The Order Analysis Toolkit 2.0 expands standard order analysis functionality to include order extraction, order tracking and tachometer signal processing for machine condition monitoring and noise, vibration and harshness testing. The toolkit gives engineers online order analysis for real-time order tracking and order extraction, flexible order spectrum selection for more options to view data, enhanced data presentation for developing easy-to-use applications and tacholess signal processing.

These two new toolkits work with NI dynamic signal acquisition devices, SCXI signal conditioning, FieldPoint, LabVIEW Real-Time software and distributed I/O and data acquisition products.