Space for design

Infineon Technologies today announced its E-GOLDradio chip, a GSM/GPRS single-chip which combines a quadband radio transceiver part with a base band processor.

The E-GOLDradio reportedly enables the base band and RF functionality to be realised on a board space of less than four square centimetres which is about 30 percent less than the area previously occupied by two-chip solutions.

Infineon say that the new BP3 platform comprises all hardware and software components necessary to design a mobile phone, such as power management, filter, power amplifier, memory as well as a GSM/GPRS protocol stack and application framework (APOXI) with a reference man-machine interface.

Furthermore, the E-GOLDradio is said to reduce the bill of material by about 30 percent through the elimination of external components, such as capacitors and discrete components which were necessary in a two-chip solution for the communication between RF and base band logic within a mobile phone.

Infineon claims that designers of clamshell or slider mobile phones may benefit from higher design flexibility due to the chip’s high-integration and small foot print of 9mm x 9mm. The E-GOLDradio chip is said to be especially suited for use in cost-driven mid-range and low-range mobile phones where it supports numerous functionalities without the necessity of an additional companion chip, such as camera, dual display, polyphonic ringer and MP3 playback.

First samples of the E-GOLDradio are currently available. Start of high-volume production is scheduled for end of 2005. BP3 is expected to be available end of 2005.

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